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Six cadets from the Canandaigua Squadron (NY 212) got a long-awaited chance to enjoy orientation rides after months-long delays caused by weather and the COVID-19 shutdown.

”O Rides” or cadet orientation flights are an important part of the development of our Cadets, The Cadets really enjoy the opportunity to apply the practical application of the information they have been learning through their squadron’s Aerospace Education program.

Capt. Giovanni Cambareri and SM Robert Mattick, pilots from the Rochester Senior Squadrons (NY412), took Cadets: C/SSGT Colton Gracioso, Cadet Misty Jade Hall, Cadet Mason Gracioso, Cadet Evan Schreiber, Cadet Ian M Kloiber, and C/SSgt Lincoln Harrison Wolfe aloft in the squadron’s Civil Air Patrol Cessna 172 at Rochester International Airport.

After a preflight briefing, aircraft inspection, and following a CAP approved flight syllabus, Each Cadet improved their aeronautical understanding of small aircraft and each had the opportunity for hands-on learning about how to pilot a plane safely.

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